Adult Learning

In Partnership with
Early Care and Learning Partnership, Inc.

Policy and Practice of Nurturing Care
MA in Curriculum and Instruction
Curriculum focus: Human Development
Instruction focus: Relationship Building

EDU 5625 Nurturing Care in Group, Home, Office, and School Settings

April 20, 2020 – June 27, 2020 Addison County Vermont

Faculty: Anne Wallace, MSW and Howard Russell, MA, MEd
This is a 45-hour, hybrid delivery, graduate course. Undergraduate credit with permission of the instructors.

Prerequisite: Two or more years of successful health, education or human service experience.

Tuition: $ 1929. Discounted tuition of $ 875 for ECLP professionals.
This course is eligible for tuition payments from VSAC or CDD.
You can reserve space with a check for $ 25.00 payable to ECLP and sent to:
164 Mitchell Drive
Vergennes, VT 05491
ATTN course registration EDU 5625.

Brief Course Description: This course will explore ways of providing nurturing, therapeutic and/or healing opportunities in classroom settings for young children who, for either internal or environmental reasons, struggle in their relationships with the people in their world. Our focus will be on young children; however, given the nature of the Master’s Degree, we will foster and welcome discussion about how our core values and principles might/can/should be in place in other settings besides the early childhood classroom.

For more information, the full syllabus, or to register as an ECLP professional, contact:

Proposed Sequence of Courses and Faculty

Semester ID # Course Name Format
Spring 2020
Begins 4/20/20
EDU 5625Nurturing Care in Group, Home, Office and School Settings • 5 days in person
• 10 hours on-line
Summer 2020
Begins 7/10/20
EDU 5515Supervised Clinical Internship and Reflection Seminar • 10 month long course
• 1⁄2 day orientation
• Monthly seminar
Fall 2020EDU 5100Introduction to Graduate Education and Research • Cohort members join via Zoom
Fall 2020EDU 5515Human Development Across the Life Span: Neurological, Physical and Cognitive • Thursday evenings all day Fridays plus 15 hours on-line
Spring 2021EDU 6121
and 6122
Quantitative and Qualitative Research• Cohort members join via Zoom
Spring 2021EDU 5625Human Development Across the Lifespan: social, emotional, creative, and spiritual • Thursday evenings all day Fridays plus 15 hours on-line
Summer 2021EDU 5515Human Development in context: an ecological approach • Thursday evenings all day Fridays plus 15 hours on-line
Summer 2021
July 19 – 22
EDU 5626Building Strengths and Resilience: Preventing and Mitigating Trauma and Hardships • A Summer Institute Offering: 4 days on campus plus 15 hours on line
Fall 2021EDU 6245Research Design in Education • Cohort members join via Zoom
Fall 2021EDU 5515Leadership: Promoting a Whole Person, Whole Family, Whole Community Approach • Thursday evenings all day Fridays plus 15 hours on-line
Spring 2022EDU 6601Thesis Seminar • Cohort members join via Zoom
Summer 2022EDU 7960Master’s Thesis

The Early Care and Learning Partnership Board members will serve as coordinators for the cohort. In concert with Northern Lights, they will help individual students plot their career paths and identify sources of financial assistance if needed. They will also identify and orient Teaching Assistants and small discussion group facilitators.

For more information about the courses, proposed faculty members, and proposed dates, please contact