Early Care and Learning Partnership

Whole Person • Whole Family • Whole Community

Whole Person

We are complex beings. Our bodies, minds, emotions, spirits, biological and cultural history are
all of one piece. All aspects of our “selves” including our fears, mistakes, and shortcomings need
to be respected as part of our wholeness. We are each unique and also part of the family,
experiences, and culture that have shaped us.

Whole Family

We are born into and shaped by our families, our ancestors, and those who surround us with
care and love, whether or not they gave birth to us. The relationships we develop with them are
the critical architecture of our life. Supports for families (jobs, education, social services,
environmental health) directly affect the health and well-being of individuals.

Whole Community

No person is an island, (with a nod to John Donne) and no family survives on their own in our
modern society. Health Care, Education, Human Services, the Economy, the Environment are
all as interdependent as members of a family. When each fully contributes its resources and
expertise, we all benefit.